Our vision on technology connecting people

Technology is all about building connections around people. At least, that’s how we see it. Because people create meaning where technology merely connects.

Creating meaningful connections

We envision people and technology as the enablers of meaningful connections. With the connections acting as the core of a digital future. For this reason, it’s our priority to make digital interactions feel more human, intuitive, and personal.

Technology also creates time and space for people to have more valuable connections. In fact, it’s thanks to automation that people can spend less time working on repetitive and manual tasks.

Meaningful Connections

People at heart

Creating a connected experience has led us to develop a holistic approach. We turned into a full-service provider which can support customers on all aspects of their business. On the tech side, we offer dedicated expertise and modular business solutions. On the human side, we involve users with the development and implementation. We also ensure our customers’ workforce can adapt to new technology and that they enjoy working with it.

Basically, our promise to our customers is as much about people as it is about technology.

“We believe that by putting people at the center, we enable them to share their talents with the world. And when people flourish, business and society flourish.”

Emiel Putman, Founder and CEO Fellowmind

When people flourish, business flourishes

The people of Fellowmind are central to everything we do. It all starts with passionate people, willing to go the extra mile to create a unique customer experience. By putting people at the center, we enable them to bring their talent to the world. That goes for Fellowmind and for our customers.

The ambition to innovate is in our genes. We constantly develop our knowledge and skills. Building sustainable, rewarding relationships with our customers and with society. It’s how we improve business processes for our focus industries, leading to more than just higher turnover.

Sustainability and technology go hand in hand

Tech-enabled sustainability can solve many of the environmental and social challenges we face. At Fellowmind, we want to do our part and contribute.

Together with our customers, we see the potential to transition to a greener and more inclusive economy. In our vision we need to further deepen the relationship between digital and sustainable transformation. That will carry us to deliver on our purpose and our customers to deliver on theirs.

Make a connection

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