Our Partnership with Microsoft

Our long and prosperous partnership with Microsoft is something we’re very proud of. We love to talk about our achievements, awards, Gold partnerships and the Microsoft Inner Circle, because they give us the exclusive tools and benefits needed to provide you with the very best possible service for your digital transformation.

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“It is extremely rewarding to be able to recognize our elite Microsoft partners that accelerated our joint customers’ digital transformation and drove unsurpassed customer success.

- Cecilia Flombaum, Microsoft Business Applications Ecosystem Lead. 


A seat in the Microsoft Inner Circle

A seat in the Inner Circle is awarded yearly for the top 1 % of Microsoft partners worldwide. We are the ones considered to bring the most to the table in the Microsoft landscape, where business performance, as well as the organization’s capabilities are taken into account. We like to see it as the ultimate stamp of quality, capability and consistency. And we don’t mean to boast, but at Fellowmind we feel right at home at this table, as we have been members in this exclusive club since 2013.

This is where we get first-hand insights for the Microsoft strategy and all good things to come from senior developers and executives at Microsoft. As well as having the unique opportunity to influence development and improvements needed by our customers to optimize their digital transformation and stay ahead of competition. 

Fully Gold Certified

To reach gold certification in the partnership with Microsoft, you must commit to a close collaboration with Microsoft and evolve technology to the next level in the interest of the customers’ needs. This is what we do every day and is why we have been awarded every kind of Gold Partner certification that Microsoft has to offer, divided across all our local regions. You could say we are winning the Gold Partner game.

The certification isn’t just a declaration of our dedication and skillset. It also provides us the tools and Microsoft developer support needed to deliver on our promise; to make you enjoy working with technology and make technology work for you. 

Partner Awards

On top of our close partnership, Microsoft has given us several awards and nominations for our expertise and craftmanship over the years. We feel honored to be a four-time winner of the Microsoft Partner of the Year award and continue to uphold the high standard expected from us.  

In 2021 we received the Project and Portfolio Management Partner of the Year award for the third time in five years, as well as being winners in the categories Engaging Customers and Cloud Infrastructure, and nominated for Customer Success, Modern Workplace and Empowering Employees.