Manufacturing has seen production and turnover grow in recent years, but the industry also faces challenges. We are convinced that manufacturers can deal with this properly when they start operating as connected companies throughout all of their processes. We offer support by deploying future-proof solutions and best practices, which help tap into new revenue models, secure knowledge, and attract talent.

Manufacturing industry

Digital technology evolves manufacturing, but ultimately, people make the difference. The craftsmanship is in the people, not in the tools.

Juho Seppälä
Juho Seppälä Sales and Industry Director at Fellowmind

Accelerate the digitization process

Technology may be the driving force for development. However, it's only helping if your employees and operations become more agile and intelligent using it. We believe your digital transformation is successful when people enjoy technology and feel it's working for them. Together we can change how they work, learn and collaborate with colleagues and clients.

Knowing what customers want now and anticipating what they might need next is how you stay in the lead. With the right technology, you obtain a complete, up-to-date overview of customers' needs. Let's turn all your touchpoints into the personal experiences your clients expect.

Learn how Fellowmind helped PMC shape its business operations and set up a future-proof IT landscape.

We went from a handful of people to a factory with 65 employees. Fellowmind understood our needs and convinced us with their knowledge and pragmatic approach.

Bert Bult
Bert Bult CEO Purified Metal Company

The future of manufacturing

A new era of technology brings developments to every aspect of the way you work in manufacturing: from your production line to an adaptive workforce, from connecting to customers to environmental concerns. With the right technology, you can compose your business operations to be as agile as you need them to be.

We believe it’s best to stay one step ahead of the competition and take the lead. That’s why we keep you updated with the latest, future-proof technology. Because, frankly, whether you change or not, your supply chain will. Traditional value chains are turning into industry ecosystems with integrated systems. From raw source material to manufacturing parts, from the assembly line to a delivered product.

The competition for talent

An aging workforce, a limited influx of new personnel, and a growing skills gap threaten continuity in manufacturing. More, manufacturers compete for talent not just with direct competitors but also with companies from other industries that may offer better benefits. That is why it is crucial for manufacturers to invest in becoming attractive employers. To remain competitive, they must meet the needs of a multigenerational workforce and adopt intelligent tools that empower people.

Minimize your footprint

Sustainability has become an essential cornerstone of any modern business. Measuring the CO₂ footprint of companies is not just about factories, offices, and mobility but also about getting insight into the entire chain. We help you accomplish this by leveraging best practices and future-proof solutions.

Your value chain is an ecosystem

To optimize your operation, you need every part of your organization to be connected flawlessly. You want to share applications, insights, and expertise and prepare for the changing business environment. You can turn your organization into an agile machine with the right technology. Tell us your ambitions, and together we'll create resilient operations that will get you there.

Leading Microsoft partner

Fellowmind has been a member of the Microsoft Inner Circle since 2013. Only the top 1% of Microsoft partners are part of this exclusive group. Our position as a leading partner allows us to share valuable learnings and early insights with our customers. We also enjoy exclusive access to Microsoft's expertise to drive improvements and achieve the best results for our customers.

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