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Working at Fellowmind

The outdated ways of business hierarchy and internal politics have no place at Fellowmind. We are convinced that people get energized and willing to go the extra mile when they have the flexibility and freedom to act, choose and be themselves.

Fellowmind has four strong and shared values. These are not just fancy words - our values represent what we stand for as a company and how we want to be seen by our customers. Most of all, they guide our daily interactions and give us direction in how we treat each other.

  • Always personal: Always taking a personal approach is central to our way of working. 'People at Heart' means that personal relationships and attention to one another are key.
  • Better together: Is about helping each other, caring for each other, and being truly convinced that everyone is in it together to make things better.
  • Serious about fun: In our working relationships, good vibes are essential. We think that working (with us) should be fun and give you energy and, in the end, make things easier.
  • Act with courage: For us, this means having the courage to do new things, exploring new possibilities, and having the guts to dream big.

“The culture really draws you in. Before I started working here, my salary was the main reason for getting up in the morning. Now, there are so many better reasons. Coming to work is almost like hanging out with friends. There is a real sense of community that I haven’t seen anywhere else.”

Miika Tekoniemi, CRM Consultant

We build trust and create a diverse and vibrant community by connecting and cooperating. The more people who join, the stronger we become. This creates a safe environment where everyone feels free to perform and have fun together.

Get ready to impact the future

We accelerate the digital readiness of customers by using Microsoft cloud solutions, encouraging agile development, implementing integrated platforms, and helping end-users learn and adopt. Our goal is to make people enjoy working with technology and make technology work for them.

Finding the right people

Our recruitment process focuses on you as a person, not just on your experience. While we believe there is no one-size-fits-all approach to recruiting, we have some general steps to guide the process.

  • Application: Send us your resume and motivation for applying. In some cases, we will include a small ‘gamified’ assessment. If you have a technical background, we might let you solve a case that shows us your creativity and willingness to find new approaches.
  • Interview: We will start with one or two general interviews to validate your qualifications and determine initial culture fit. If you live abroad, these could also be video meetings.
  • Assessment: After the interviews, you might receive a tailormade (personality) assessment. For certain roles, this can be a specific case related to the content of the position.
  • Decision & offer: There is ample opportunity to get to know each other during the interview process. Are you as excited as we are? Then we will make you a personal offer. Next, we can determine the date to welcome you!

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion

People are the center of everything we do. We celebrate diversity and inclusion, as these are the driving forces of our success. Our Fellows are encouraged to listen, speak up and share different points of view. That way, we arrive at the best solutions for both our people and our customers.

We have been building a safe working environment from the day we were founded. We stand up against discrimination and harassment. And we expect everyone within the organization to be a positive force in a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.

It goes without saying that we strive to attract, hire, develop, and promote (new) Fellows in all jobs without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity.