Careers at Fellowmind

Our people are central to everything we do. We believe that by putting people at heart, they can bring their talent to the world. Because when people flourish, business flourishes.

Working with us

Fellowmind is committed to creating a positive work environment, where people are engaged and empowered. Our people feel energized and are happily captivated in their work.

Our latest vacancies:

Working as one Fellowmind

What we look for

Our engaged Fellows are dedicated and willing to go the extra mile. They’re smart and able to create a unique customer experience. Open to exploring new things, ideas, and innovations. Those are the ingredients we look for in our search for fresh talent. Are you in?

You never know what you’ll be doing next year, and there’s so much room for personal growth. That’s what keeps it interesting.

Four values, one team

We work as a team where everyone does their part and speaks their mind. You can feel safe as you develop your talents at your own pace and contribute to our joint success.

We interact with colleagues and customers along these guidelines:

  • Always personal: we have people at heart, technology is here to create more time to be personal and empathic.
  • Better together: we believe in the power of doing things together, helping, and caring. Also, in sharing experiences.
  • Serious about fun: wake up excited for another day at Fellowmind and never miss an opportunity to celebrate.
  • Act with courage: do new things, dream big, but also create space to be vulnerable and share a different opinion.

Come join us

We are always looking for great colleagues. To enable their passion, we value and invest in everyone's development - every day.

Our latest vacancies:

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Putting people central

People are at the core of building a digital future at Fellowmind. We believe technology is all about building meaningful connections around people. Because people create meaning where technology merely connects.

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