Get a clear view of your impact

The road to a green transition is a road we take together. We see technology as an enabler of innovation and believe that tech-enabled sustainability can solve many environmental and social challenges. With our help, you can get actionable insights on the environmental impact of your business with cloud-based solutions and a sustainable mindset.

Digital innovation for sustainability

Leading the way to the Cloud for Sustainability

Measuring and reporting emissions have been a tedious and complicated task for most companies. But with Microsoft’s new Cloud for Sustainability, you are directly connected to insights throughout your value chain. Using an extensive software-as-a-service solution with automated data connections helps you to record, report, and take action on your organization’s environmental impact.

We aim to take the lead on this revolutionizing innovation and be the first partner in the world to employ it.

  • Recording – Set up data connections from a catalog of prebuilt connectors and operational data providers, and leverage a common data model to break down data silos across emissions sources.
  • Reporting – Analyze, visualize and report your organization’s resource consumption, environmental impact, and sustainability progress to stakeholders, regulators, and the public.
  • Reduction – Set and track incremental and long-term goals directly tied to your data. Compare progress with your peers as well as identify potential gaps in meeting regulatory requirements.

Digital innovation in practice

Maintaining the balance between yield and sustainability is a crucial feature of modern-day agriculture, as demand for food will increase by 70% by 2050. FarmViewer app combines data from Microsoft FarmBeats and physical sensors to provide Dutch farmers with insights into air, land, and crop conditions.

As one of the first providers in Europe, we partnered with Microsoft in the Farmbeats project to help shape the future of the European agricultural sector. 

A sustainable mindset

Sustainability is at the core of Fellowmind’s business strategy, and it is at the heart of the strategy of many of our customers. Today’s two mega-trends, digitalization and sustainability, go hand in hand. Follow our journey as a socially responsible and sustainable company.

A close partnership with Microsoft

Fellowmind has been a close Microsoft partner for a long time, and we hold a seat in the prestigious Inner Circle, reserved only for the top 1% of partners. We can also proudly say that we are fully Gold certified in all areas of expertise. This commitment and close collaboration with Microsoft give us the tools and influence to provide you with the best service for your digital journey.

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