Together, we make business sustainable

The road to a green transition is a road we take together. With our help, you can get actionable insights on the environmental impact of your business with cloud-based solutions and a sustainable mindset.

Digital innovation in practice

As one of the first providers in Europe, we partnered with Microsoft in the Farmbeats project to help shape the future of the European agricultural sector. The FarmViewer app combines data from Microsoft FarmBeats and physical sensors to provide Dutch farmers with insights into air, land, and crop conditions.

The outcome has shown great environmental benefits with improved air quality, reduced water, and soil contamination, as well as better financial conditions for farmers.

Win-win by going green

Sticking to your old ways of operation is not only quickly becoming unfashionable, but soon sustainability reporting will become mandatory by EU law. The good news is that the path toward a sustainable business is greener than ever!

Having a transparent and determined strategy for your ESG will win over customers, investors, and new talent to your company, not to mention your chance to optimize your operations and work for a better future. Read more about the benefits of sustainability in our article “Five reasons for making your business sustainable right now!”

Taking the lead for innovation in sustainability

Our high ambitions to be the leading partner in sustainability have already been recognized by Microsoft when we were finalists for “Sustainability Changemaker” in the Partner of the Year Awards 2022.

By partnering up with Microsoft and using innovative technology like the Cloud for Sustainability, we enable a fully integrated path to a green transition. We would love to discuss the possibilities for sustainable services in your organization.

How can we help you?

Fellowmind has established a new Center of Excellence focusing on sustainability to support you in building data-driven, sustainable processes and operations. This company-wide competence center has experts in all six countries. Fellowmind operates and will also focus on sharing knowledge on climate legislation and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) measurements and reporting.

Transforming the industry

At Fellowmind, we work with a strong industry focus to truly understand our customer’s world. Even if a green transition is needed in all industries, the challenges of getting there can differ widely. Take a peek at what we offer your industry below.

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