Microsoft Envision Europe: The Role of Finance Leaders in Digital Transformation

To thrive in today’s overly complex global business environment, organizations are increasingly relying upon the technological and strategic ability of their financial leaders.

Today’s finance professionals must lead the transformation from reporting on the past to creating the future—deriving insights that predict what is next, automating processes, and working more strategically across organizational boundaries. The key to driving long-lasting impact is creating a vision that connects your company’s capabilities to current and future opportunities. 

Join us in this webinar, featuring Cory Hrncirik, Microsoft’s Modern Finance Lead, and guest speakers from Microsoft’s partner Fellowmind, to learn about the challenges, best practices and emerging trends every finance leader should now about the future of Finance. You’ll hear insights across key transformation areas and discover how Microsoft technology can give you a competitive advantage. 

Here is what you can expect from this one-hour session: 

  • You will discover how finance leaders can take a more strategic role within their organizations. 
  • You will learn how Microsoft technology can help you improve financial performance and operational efficiency with real-time and predictive insights. 
  • You will hear about some of the biggest challenges and most rewarding lessons from companies that have successfully transformed.

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