The future of manufacturing

Don’t you just love these interesting, fast-paced times? All these new developments reveal so many opportunities. We believe that in these times of change, agility is the key to success.

A new era of technology brings developments to every aspect of the way you work in manufacturing: from your production line to an adaptive workforce, from connecting to customers to environmental concerns.

The next industrial revolution 

Many developments are already common practice. Every day people connect on mobile devices. Artificial intelligence is entering your factory floors and networks. Next-level robotics is knocking at your door. Soon, everything will be connected to anything with the internet of things (IoT). The biggest challenge will be to get your employees to adapt and make these changes with you.

Smart, human technology you enjoy

At Fellowmind, we believe employees are at the core of your agility. When they learn new skills and master modern technologies, it can turn any manufacturing job into something smart and efficient. Let robots take over dull, dangerous, or time-consuming tasks.

Multiply your expertise

Use mixed reality like HoloLens to solve customer issues or enable employees to work from home as if they were in the office. Most importantly, we can help you capture and share everyone’s knowledge for future benefit. This way, expert knowledge becomes collective knowledge; it stays in the company and is accessible to everyone. That’s how we like IT to work for you.

Be one step ahead of your customers

If there is anything better or smarter out there, your customers will go for it. So, you need to be on top and ahead of new developments and expand your circle of influence. Know what your clients might need, what’s the latest buzz. Cover your after-sales services and stay connected with them. That’s why you need a full overview of their interests to service predictions.

From products to service

Technology is already changing business models in many sectors. Some manufacturers have already switched to direct delivery, turning their products into full-service leasing contracts. Because, with the right information you can monitor machines anywhere, for service, repair, or replacement. And you can turn any touchpoint into a personal experience for your customer based on big data insights.


Be future proof

With the right technology you can compose your business operations to be as agile as you need them to be. We believe it’s always best to stay one step ahead of the competition and take the lead. That’s why we always keep you updated with the latest, future-proof technology. Because, frankly, whether you change or not, your supply chain will. Traditional value chains are turning into industry ecosystems with integrated systems. From raw source material to manufacturing parts, from the assembly line to a delivered product.

Design your operations around your ambitions

Tell us your goals; we’d love to help you realize them. It could be about managing communication with suppliers and clients in the safe accessibility of the cloud. Or it could be about creating the best products with traceable origins and destinations by using blockchain technology. We’ll connect you with the right technology to get and stay ahead of the competition.

Create sustainable products

Customers care about how their product was made and what harm it might do to people or to the planet. Were any dangerous chemicals used? Is there any trace of child labor? Was there any environmental damage done while producing this item? Buyers will hold you accountable, so it’s best to know and show you are clean”.

Use responsible resources

The technology is there to trace any resource of your product. Insights based on blockchain technology tell you exactly where your source materials come from and where they’ll go next. It can help you acquire reliable source material and produce in a sustainable way.

Be efficient every step of the way

Smart data use helps you reduce waste and save water, energy, and raw materials. It all adds up. Even the way your employees go about their business. Like working remotely with technologies such as social intranet and mixed reality supported by green cloud solutions.  

Ready for the next generation

We believe we can move towards an industrial symbiosis: a network of circularity between suppliers and manufacturers. This way, we create a lower footprint for the entire chain. And the best news is that it’s hardly any sacrifice. Start to manufacture sustainably and turn your factory into a cost-efficient machine. For now, and for the generations that follow.

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