Skretting drives future growth with Dynamics 365

Skretting’s worldwide sales teams fully leverage Microsoft Dynamics to seize opportunities, drive future growth, and provide the best possible customer service.


Based in Stavanger (Norway) Skretting leads the world market in the field of sustainable feed for the aquaculture industry. The company produces over 2.4 million tons of feed each year for more than 60 fish and shrimp species. They have production facilities in 18 countries on five continents and sell products worldwide. 

In 2019 Skretting decided it was time to upgrade their systems. They wanted technology that would help their salespeople work more efficiently. The latest tech would better connect Skretting’s operating companies, thereby giving it a stronger voice towards global customers.

Missing out on growth opportunities 

Skretting didn’t have a tool that could optimize daily behavior. They had a CRM, but that was being used to create items and not to add value for their salespeople. Without an effective system for synchronizing activities and sharing insights, there was a risk that the sales teams working in the various operating companies might miss out on opportunities for growing the business.  

Successful, sustainable change 

Skretting’s goal was to find an efficient way of working supported by powerful technology. We joined their newly formed project team, and determined two main goals right away: 

  1. Help sales co-workers to work as effectively as possible; and 
  2. Create a stronger voice towards global customers by being more connected throughout their operating companies. 

Creating a worthy change management model 

To kickstart the change management process, we hosted a series of workshops. We worked closely with the organization’s  global sales directors, from Norway to Spain to Ecuador and beyond. 

Together, we came up with the idea to use Prosci and change management based on the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics. It made sense, and the idea spread out from there. The Prosci ADKAR approach focuses on five specific outcomes that drive lasting change: awareness, desire, knowledge, ability, and reinforcement.  

However, the thing that made this change management model so effective was that it provided immediate insight into the people-side of change. 

“The vision we had was for our CRM to enable us to offer the right nutritional solution and services, at the right moment, to the right farmer - at the right price.” 

Mikhail Smirnov, CRM Program Manager at Skretting  

A stronger way forward 

Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics and the Prosci ADKAR method, we helped Skretting to look at their business needs practically. And how they could develop further from a change management point of view. Dynamics doesn’t focus solely on tooling and training; it also takes people’s awareness and desire into account.

Full speed ahead! 

Additionally, Skretting carries out regular surveys – before, during, and after implementation. This way, they can measure a customer’s “temperature” and identify groups which may lack awareness or desire. Then they can act on that and adjust where needed.  

With technical support and change management guidance from Fellowmind, Skretting’s sales teams worldwide are more connected than ever. Now, the organization is equipped with sustainable change management skills. They can seize opportunities, drive future growth, and provide customers with the best possible customer service.