A social intranet solution to empower modern work 

A solid social intranet can support a digital culture change throughout the workforce. Exactly why Miele asked us to implement an intranet based on Microsoft SharePoint. 


Miele Cie. & KG is known worldwide for their durable household appliances. 120 years and 20,100 employees later, the organization has developed into a strong, international, recognizable brand. 

Global household appliances player Miele needed to create change within their organization by introducing a digital work culture.  However, the previous intranet was too static for these requirements.

A strong need

Miele wanted to empower its employees to exchange valuable knowledge and information regularly. To read company news at any time and from anywhere.

Miele’s previous intranet couldn’t hold up to those complex requirements, and it was clear that a redesign was in order: an intranet that would create opportunities and motivate co-workers to share information. To communicate digitally, give feedback, and gain a stronger and more frequent online presence. This was Miele’s vision for their in-house digital communication culture, and something they didn’t have at that moment.

They wanted their Digital Workplace project to be promoted in an agile way.

Social intranet via Office 365

After sitting down with a group from Miele and discussing their intranet needs, we concluded that their digital workplace should include a social intranet based on Microsoft SharePoint.

The core objectives were to lay the foundations for a dynamic "bottom up" corporate culture and to stimulate knowledge transfer. We’d accomplish this through ease of use, an appealing design, and the right social features, such as a like button, comment functionality, microblogs, and an individual profile page that employees could design the way they wanted.

Let the prototyping begin!

Miele's departments created shared spaces in the prototype phase, which were tested based on actual use cases by various employees. They browsed the new information channels, created initial content, gave feedback, and actively involved management in this process. We used the feedback from the testers to further develop the agile prototype and could implement the new requirements directly.

Everyone pitched in

Both energy and progress were excellent during the project. The agile principle was part of the concept and ramped up everyone’s motivation. By the time go-live was approaching, Miele employees and management were excited about using the new intranet.

“Little by little, we want to expand our Digital Workplace with collaboration tools from Office 365 and are very excited to see how the digital culture in the company will develop.”  

Saskia Kuhmann, Head of Collaboration / DMS at Miele & Cie. KG 

Connecting an organization with one social intranet solution

Support for the Digital Workplace project came from the top management, executives, and the works council, which acted as a catalyst for Miele’s new digital culture. Good thing they had all that support, as the implementations and milestones reached along the way could be put to the test immediately. 

A responsive design

These days, mobile working is an essential part of every workweek. Thanks to their new and responsive intranet, Miele employees have modern, mobile tools for information on the go. They can participate in discussions and share their experiences and knowledge simultaneously. All this strengthens team spirit, even when employees are not constantly onsite.

Fluid communication

Miele employees can now reach the right contact person quickly. With the phone book app, it’s easy to find contacts. What’s more, a person’s contact is linked to their personal profile on the social intranet. In addition to organizational strength, employees can also use self-defined expert topics.

With increasing digitalization, future success depends on the strength and cooperation among the teams. With their new intranet, Miele expert knowledge becomes collective knowledge, remains in the company, and is accessible to everyone. The employees have accepted the intranet fully and are already communicating vividly via the new channels.

We’re pleased we could support Miele in this undertaking.