How to Master your Data in Dynamics 365

Join Dun & Bradstreet & Fellowmind for a series of three online sessions where you will learn how to build an effective, automated, and quality assured master data program in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement software (CE).

In the first session, you will learn

The commercial value of Master Data for global companies, large and small:

  1. Why is Master Data critical for the success of any contemporary business?
  2. How can you ensure the quality of your master data and get sales-ready output?
  3. A sneak peek at D&B Optimizer as the key driver to sales productivity
  • When: September 7th, 2022 @ 15:00 – 15.30

NB: This is a series of three different online sessions. Please sign up to the session relevant to you.

In the second session, you will learn

How our joint client, TRESU, has mastered data:

  1. What has TRESU gained from a collaboration with Dun & Bradstreet and Fellowmind?
  2. Why did TRESU onboard with D&B Optimizer? Vision, journey, results?
  3. How to kick-start your own master data journey
  • When: September 14th, 2022 @ 15:00 – 15.30

In the third session, you will learn

How to master one of the world’s most applied master data tools “D&B Optimizer”:

  1. Fast and simple implementation. No extraordinary IT-capabilities needed
  2. Cleanse your existing account portfolio
  3. Create new and correct leads and accounts, easily
  4. Match leads and accounts to avoid duplicates
  5. Stay informed about ownership hierarchies in your CRM, worldwide
  • When: September 21st, 2022 @ 15:00 – 15.30


  • Learn how to avoid waste of time and errors caused by manual labor
  • Know your clients' exact worldwide position in their group hierarchy
  • Plug and play tools to reach your full sales potential
  • Activate your designated free trial for 28 days. No traps, no commitment.


  • Michael Schmidt, Director, Fellowmind
  • Thomas Drachmann, Partner Manager, Dun & Bradstreet Nordic
  • Anders Mau Kristiansen, Head of Commercial Development, TRESU

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